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Stair Patterns from Dr. Dyer's Place
Whitman, Massachusetts

Original Colors: Motifs are dark green in the center
and dark brown at the ends on a light tan background.
Be sure dimensions fit your stairs.

These leaves wrap over the nosing of the stair

FS23 SR1
7" High
x 18 3/4" Wide


These leaves wrap over the nosing of the stair

FS24 SR1
6 1/8" High
x 19 3/4" Wide

Same placement on the stairs and risers as shown above.

From our Gallery Page

"I thought you might like to see my finished stairs; I used your very wonderful Dr. Dyer's Place stair stencil. Your products are the best."

- Diane Nazar

(stenciled in her suburban Chicago 21-year-old Colonial Revival farmhouse.)

Stair Riser and Stair Pattern from
Whitaker Clary House
New Salem, Massachusetts

Stenciled circa 1810.
This pattern was also seen in the parlor as a border
around the room without the vertical "bricks".
Be sure dimensions fit your stairs.

The two may be used separately or together to simulate a runner on the stairs.

FS25 S1
9 7/8" High
x 19 5/8" Wide

FS25 SR1
6 3/8" High
x 19 3/4" Wide