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Capt. Noah Wood House
South Woodstock, Vermont

Overmantle. Original Colors: Green and red on yellow or grey walls.

Erastus Gates' stencils were cut from leather, with beveled edges to assure a crisp edge. He was a contemporary of Moses Eaton though 15 years his junior. There is no doubt that he was influenced by Eaton. Moses Eaton's work is found nearby and in at least one instance, in Cavendish, Vermont, in the same house. (Four of the stencils offered in the Gates' collection are Eaton's, being the same as Gates', but previously offered in the Moses Eaton and Moses Eaton Jr. New England Collection Catalogue.) Gates was also influenced by New York stencilers. The area in which he lived and worked was near the Military Road which lead across Vermont to Crown Point, New York. Stencils were openly shared as was the practice of the day. Numbered among his patterns are some stencils from Columbus, New York, seen in the Stencil House at the Shelburne Museum. Gates' name is known to us through the research of Janet Waring who wrote of the John Coolidge House, "It was called 'the finest house in the country' when its walls were first stencilled in bright colors and the halls patterned with the spread eagle. Four members of the family tell us it was Erastus Gates who did the stencilling when he was a 'very young man,' and that he also 'painted other walls.'"

Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture by Janet Waring, Dover Publishers

Capt. John Coolidge was President Calvin Coolidge's great, great grandfather. You can learn more by visiting the Historic Vermont website.

The stencils from the overmantle from the Captain Noah Wood House in South Woodstock and the two following pages showing some of the stencils seen in the Captain John Coolidge House and the collection from A Vermont House, may be used interchangeably. They were seen variously on yellow or grey walls.

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152 F2
10 1/4" Wide
28" Repeat
522 VH1
3 5/8" Wide
18" Repeat
151 M1
10 1/2" Wide
7" High
535 M3
9 1/2" Wide
10 5/8" High
151 OM2
17 3/4" Wide
17" High
152 M2
7 1/2" Wide
7" High
151 M2
5 1/2" Diameter